Are you currently rearranging your entire life because of the Covid-19 pandemic? We sympathize, and you’re not alone. Across our great nation, businesses are practicing social distancing and implementing new policies to keep their employees and customers safe. One of the methods many businesses are using is to move personnel from working in the office to working from home via telework.

This may be helping to stop the spread of coronavirus, but it does have unforeseen risks for your business. One of the top issues with leaving your business unoccupied during this crisis is that it makes it an easy target for crime — especially vandalism and theft. This is a nationwide problem, but here in Virginia, we suffered 115,533 cases of theft in 2018 alone!

The FBI’s 2018 Nationwide Crime Statistics Report highlights the problem of property crime.

  • In 2018, over 5 million acts of larceny-thefts were committed.
  • The average dollar value stolen during larceny-thefts was $1,153 per instance.
  • The estimated total loss to victims was $6 billion.
  • The number of burglaries for 2018 was over 1.2 million.
  • 56.7 percent of burglaries were forced entry; 36.7 percent were unlawful entries, and 6.6 percent were attempted forced entry.
  • The average dollar loss per burglary was $2,799.
  • Burglary victims suffered an estimated $3.4 billion in property losses.

Not every one of these crimes involved a business, but the risk to businesses — small and large — has increased recently as the coronavirus outbreak forces more of us to work from home. Don’t leave your business unprotected!

What Can You Do To Keep Your Business Safe?

study done by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology states that basic security measures can have a big impact on deterring criminals.

Security measures like:

  • ”Protected By” signs
  • alarms systems
  • watch dogs
  • surveillance cameras
  • Security personnel

are strong deterrents and can dramatically increase the safety of your business.

National Protective Services Is Here To Help!

National Protective Services is a female-owned and operated private security firm with over 40 year’s experience. We were founded in 1979 by a former member of the Alexandria Police Force, and our high standards have earned us a reputation for professionalism and trust. We’re proud of the relationships we build with our clients!

We can help you ensure that your business is protected during this difficult time. We offer a variety of low-cost security measures, both emergency and permanent to reduce the risk to your business and deter criminals from harming your livelihood.

Call us today at 800-382-2703 to learn more. We’ll assess your security risks and offer solutions to mitigate them, both during the current Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. We have the knowledge and experience to keep you protected. Nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing you’re secure.