Workplace crime costs American businesses as much as $50 billion annually.  This trend affects construction companies in particular.  With a wealth of raw materials, tools, and heavy machinery around, construction sites are prime targets for would-be criminals.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates there are as many as 10,000 cases of construction site theft each year, a loss of as much as $1 billion annually for U.S. construction companies. Much of this theft is committed by construction workers themselves, an estimated 65% of all construction site theft.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of security and tracking measures, only about 25% of these cases will be resolved.  Such losses cause a ripple effect of lost time, money and worker productivity, as well as increased insurance rates and budget overruns.
At National Protective Services, our goal is to protect you from these losses by creating and implementing a comprehensive security and loss control program at your job site.

Items most commonly stolen from construction sites:

  1. Small tools and supplies: hammers, shovels, saw, and supplies like raw cement and nails, are easily stolen by employees or do-it-yourself homeowners in the area.  Despite the low cost, this can be a significant loss when taken as a whole.
  2.  Metals: Metal roofing is a prime target for thieves, as well as any accessible metals such as copper or aluminum cabling.
  3. Lumber: Lumber, along with small tools, is the most commonly stolen item by construction workers and residents in the area of your site.
  4. Appliances: Theft extends to the neighborhood of the construction site, where devices such as water heaters, refrigerators, and washers are stolen.
  5. Heavy machinery: Though rare, theft of heavy machinery also occurs.  The majority of machinery theft is of smaller, more maneuverable machines, such as tractors or generators.

About National Protective Services, Inc

National Protective Services is a family-owned company serving Virginia and Maryland since 1979.  We offer comprehensive, customizable and affordable security services.

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  • Customizable, comprehensive security – NPS specializes in both physical and electronic security.  Let us design a cross-disciplinary program tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • State-of-the-art surveillance – NPS offers cutting edge surveillance technology, coupled with best industry practices to manage, maintain and monitor your camera systems.  We also ensure you have access to your camera feeds 24/7.
  • Uniformed security officers – Whether you need armed or unarmed, uniformed or plainclothes, NPS has a staff of highly trained professionals to meet your needs.
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