It’s that time of year again! The weather is cool and the holidays are just days away. This year, with COVID-19 disrupting our celebrations, it’s especially important for business owners to institute security measures that will keep their businesses secure. 

Every business owner knows that long holiday breaks come with an increased threat of crime. The COVID-19 pandemic is sure to exacerbate these problems as businesses are forced to close for extended periods. Here are five crucial tips to help you protect your business over the holidays:

Tip #1: Routinely Lock Everything

If you’re not already doing so, start securing your business on a scheduled routine. Create a lock-up checklist, and be sure all your employees are familiar with it. This will put multiple sets of eyes on potential entry points. If you’re still concerned, consider hiring a professional security company. They can have trained security guards inspect your property after hours, and make sure you haven’t overlooked anything.

Tip #2: Institute a Two-man Schedule

We all know we’re safer in pairs, and this is also true when it comes to your employees. When a single employee is tasked with watching your business alone, it is most vulnerable to crime. Whenever possible, schedule at least two people for every shift — especially closing shifts. If you still feel insecure, think about consulting a security service that can back your employees up with trained security guards.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your WiFi is Secured

This is especially important with COVID-19 forcing so many employees to work from home. Reinforce your internet safety protocols and make sure your business’ WiFi connection is secure. See that remote workers are protected with secure devices at home, and use a VPN to prevent employee network connections from being traced. These steps will greatly reduce the risk of your network being breached.

Tip #4: Install A Surveillance System

It’s widely known that a security surveillance system is a prime deterrent for keeping criminals at bay. If your business is currently lacking this essential security tool, it’s time to install one. At National Protective Services, Inc., we can design and install a cutting edge system to protect your business.

We offer:

•High-resolution cameras for indoors or outdoors

•Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras that allow maximum viewing during live surveillance

•180-degree panoramic cameras for wide-field viewing

•Vehicle license plate recognition cameras

•Infrared night vision technology

•Motion activation cameras

Tip #5: Keep Security Services in the Loop

If you’re already working with a professional security service, you’ll need to notify them of any schedule changes the holidays may bring to your business. Whether it’s extended holiday hours, or you are currently facing a COVID-19 lockdown, the sooner you alert your trusted security provider the better they can respond to your needs.

Now is The Time to Plan

If you haven’t taken steps to keep your business safe this holiday season, there’s no time to waste! At National Protective Services, Inc., we take a cross-disciplinary approach involving physical and electronic security that allows us to create an effective program tailored to your specific security needs. Call us today at 800-382-2703 to discuss how we can help your business, or visit us at to arrange a free security consultation. We’re confident we have the right solution for you.