Across America small businesses are utilizing electronic surveillance with growing frequency to deter criminals and solve crime.  A basic electronic security program is cost effective and can reduce your risk of crime victimization by as much as 53%, according to a recent published at Criminals are less likely to target a business with visible security cameras present. When a crime does occur, the first action police officers often take when they arrive at a crime scene is to check for surveillance cameras. Unlike live witnesses, camera footage doesn’t lie. It can’t make mistakes or have difficulty remembering exactly what happened. It presents a thorough and complete account of events. Camera surveillance systems can bring peace of mind allowing you, the small business owner, to rest easy.


Prevent Theft and Illegal Activities


Surveillance cameras act as a deterrent to robbers, criminals, petty thieves, vandals, and other perpetrators. The latest, cutting-edge cameras can be installed in almost any location. These cameras monitor suspicious activities, stop employee theft, vandalism, and shoplifting. Such activities can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages that far outweigh the costs of having surveillance cameras. When used in conjunction with a security officer, they can be used to alert an officer in real-time of any incidents that arise, allowing for an immediate response thereby preventing any major events from occurring. A study published by the UNC Department of Criminology in 2012 found that in about 60% of cases, criminals indicated that a security system present in a home or business would motivate them to seek a different target altogether, and many would try to determine if a system was present before attempting a crime.


Evidence Collection

If a criminal incident occurs onsite, camera surveillance becomes invaluable as evidence. Our justice system requires evidence in order to convict someone of a crime. Many modern camera surveillance systems can record and store video. In some cases, surveillance camera evidence will even convince a criminal to plead guilty in court. Eyewitnesses are often unreliable; camera footage is not. Recordings can help investigators better understand how the events of a crime unfolded, the camera captures the moment clearly, and they make it easier to discover the identity of a criminal. Beyond creating a lasting record of criminal activity, a good camera surveillance system can help you understand and deal with a multitude of other nuisance issues.

Peace of Mind

Installing security cameras provides a sense of security and cameras monitored in real time provide extra peace of mind. Suspicious activity can be addressed immediately. You will know exactly what is going on in and around your premises at all times. Employees are provided with extra peace of mind in knowing that they are protected and if anything is stolen it is easier to catch the perpetrator.  Employers are reassured knowing that employees will be less tempted to steal or damage any business property because they are more likely to be caught. Furthermore, if cameras are monitored on real time, business owners can rest easy knowing that while they sleep someone is watching over their property.


NPS is here to serve you.

National Protective Services, Inc. offers 24/7 access to secure, high-quality, live and recorded, video footage of your property. We supply a range of high resolution, IP cameras with features and analytics capabilities for any setting.  From Pan-Tilt-Zoom for maximum maneuverability during viewing, to 180-degree panoramic cameras, for parking lot and sidewalk viewing. We also offer a range of infrared capable cameras and twilight vision technology, for excellent nighttime and lowlight visibility. License Plate reading, intrusion detection and people detection analytics all offer additional functionality and visibility on your property. NPS also provides real-time live monitoring services.  A trained and licensed Surveillance Verification Officer will monitor your property in real-time and verify all activities observed. We watch while you rest easy knowing you’re protected. Our 40+ years’ experience has enabled us to respond to the constantly evolving needs of the communities we serve and to stay at the cutting edge of our industry. Contact us today to schedule a FREE on-site consultation and let us show you how it feels to be “Protected Like Family.”