Keeping businesses safe is a 24/7 job, and that is what we intend to do for you. At National Protective Services Inc., our team of security professionals believes security systems are the solution to keeping communities safe. From server protection to security camera systems, National Protective Services Inc. is prepared to assist your security needs.

One of our most growing, in-demand security systems is our license plate recognition (LPR) software.

What is it?

License plate recognition (LPR) software is a feature included in some security software’s that can detect, read, and store videos or photos of a car’s license plate. LPR software is often found in traffic monitoring cameras, as well as in parking lots and front gate cameras.

How does it work?

LPR software uses cameras that can capture a moving or still vehicle’s license plate number. Once captured, the system runs the plate number through a series of algorithms. After the algorithm has matched the license plate number within the system, the information is used for traffic control, security, surveillance, parking control, and vehicle location.

Benefits of an LPR software system for business owners:

LPR software has several security purposes, and there are benefits to installing LPR software into your security system for your business. Business owners should always consider using LPRs for their security purposes.

1. Property protection: One of the biggest reasons a business owner would benefit from an LPR in their security system is to protect their property. Break-ins and theft are the responsibility of the business owner. LPR software is most helpful when a drive-off after one of these incidents occurs. If the suspect is not caught and can drive away, LPR can immediately run the license plate through the algorithm to help security officials find the suspect faster.

2. Prevent crimes: LPR software can catch criminals before they have a chance to take advantage of a business. Cameras installed by our team of professionals can keep businesses safe 24/7.

3. Improve the safety of business: Having security systems is necessary if you own or operate a business. Help the public feel safer in your business by providing cameras that have an LPR software installed.

How can I install an LPR?

Installing an LPR into your security system has never been easier. Our security team is standing by, ready to assist with all security needs your business is facing today. Call our office today for a free consultation or talk to a representative about installing an LPR into your security system today.