A good security program is vital to protecting your business, especially in this age of uncertainty.  In addition to providing a deterrent to crime, a robust security program will decrease liability and  give your employees and clients peace of mind.  But how does any business maintain security in this time of social distancing?  How do you choose the right methods for your business?  Are there cost effective methods to protect your business in such a trying time?  The answer is, YES!  There are a number of security measures available to you that are both affordable and effective.

Temporary or Emergency Security Officers
You may not need security all the time, but when you do there is a solution.  For businesses that have recently closed or moved to telework, your unoccupied office is a prime target for crime.  In 2018 alone, there were 5.2 million incidents of larceny-theft, the most common property crime in America, costing American businesses as much as FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS!  Studies show that a visible security presence can reduce your risk of victimization by up to 56%.  Whether it’s a uniformed security officer walking your property, or a marked security vehicle checking your property throughout the night, a temporary security program will provide a visible deterrent to criminals and ensure your assets are protected in your absence.

Crisis Management
Professional security officers are trained in crisis management.  They are often the first line of defense in a crisis situation.  They provide direction to civilians involved and ensure all necessary safety measures are taken to minimize damage and protect lives.  Whether the crisis is a fire or flood, or a crowd of angry, frightened shoppers, a security officer will help you maintain control and ensure the safety of all.

Peace of Mind
A security presence lets your employees and clients know you’re serious about their safety.  Studies show that businesses with visible security have more relaxed, productive workers and clients who feel more confident shopping there.  Give your clients and employees confidence that they are safe at your location, while you can rest easy knowing your business is protected from crime and other potential liabilities.

National Protective Services is here to help.
National Protective Services, Inc. has been providing professional, affordable security solutions to clients in the Northern Virginia area for more than 40 years.  We are family owned and operated and our clients are family, too. It’s for this reason that NPS clients often remain with us for many years.  We aim to build relationships that last for decades.  That’s why our motto is “Protecting You Like Family”.
Every situation is unique, which is why NPS offers a free on-site security consultation to every prospective client.  Let us help you identify the best approach to fit your needs.  Call us today to schedule your free security consultation.