Outdoor shopping centers are thriving! With plentiful parking and easy-access to stores, outdoor shopping centers are consumer’s go-to shopping experience. But these popular one-stop-shop destinations have unique security needs. Their outdoor spaces are harder to monitor than indoor malls, and they require well-planned security to ensure the safety of shoppers and employees.

Today’s security threats run the gambit from annoying to violent and include:

  • Graffiti

  • Trespassing & loitering

  • Illegal trash dumping

  • Vandalism

  • Shoplifting & theft

  • Drug-related crimes

  • Assault

There are steps you can take to improve security at your outdoor shopping center.

Have Your Property’s Security Risk Assessed

Before you can formulate a security plan, you need to know what risks your property is facing. Hiring a security company to perform a security risk assessment is the best way to get this done right. Their assessment will highlight vulnerable areas and provide workable solutions. When it comes to security issues, there is no substitute for professional advice.

Secure Parking Lots

Increasing security in your shopping center’s parking lots may seem painfully obvious after an incident occurs, but by then it’s too late. Parking lots and garages are prime locations for crimes such as vandalism, loitering, and assault, but there are steps you can take to help prevent crime in parking areas. These include installing additional lighting, posting warning signs, installing video surveillance, and hiring security officers to patrol your lots at regular intervals. Work with a trusted security firm to design a plan to protect your business’ parking lots.

Add A Video Surveillance System

If your property doesn’t have a video surveillance system, it should. Security cameras are a crucial component of an outdoor shopping center’s overall security plan. They’re the best way to keep an eye on your entire property. Cameras should be installed at store entrances, in public common spaces, and parking lots. In the event of a crime, security cameras will provide valuable evidence for local police.

Show Criminals You’re Serious with Uniformed Security Officers

Surveillance cameras go a long way toward protecting your property, but adding uniformed security patrols will make your shopping center even safer. The presence of uniformed officers helps deter crime and ensures that qualified personnel is on-site and ready to respond should an incident occur. Security officers are trained to handle all types of threats and will be able to direct your patrons if an emergency occurs.

Take Action Now to Keep Your Shopping Center Safe

2020 has been a difficult year for shopping centers. As COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise, property owners are facing security challenges they never anticipated. Now is the time to turn to professional security experts. At National Protective Services, Inc., we utilize a cross-disciplinary approach combining electronic and physical security to address your security needs. Call us today at 800-382-2703 to learn how we can help you secure your business, or visit us at NPSVA.com to arrange a free consultation. We have the right security solution for you.