Construction sites can be incredibly tempting for vandals for many reasons, but a top cause is a lack of security. Easy access and no on-site personnel offer opportunities for damage and theft. But having prominent and skilled security guards can deter would-be vandals from setting foot across the boundary.

1. Video Surveillance
Larger construction sites can benefit from strategically placed video cameras manned in real time. Placing some cameras in obvious areas lets would-be thieves know their movements are being recorded and that there may be someone en route immediately to intercept them.

Hidden cameras offer additional protection as it gives the guards watching the videos a chance to see more areas. Vandals who may see and attempt to avoid the visible cameras can be detected with the concealed ones.

Having guards on hand ready to confront trespassers and/or call law enforcement means damage can be stopped before it even starts.

2. Regular patrols
Knowing that trained security personnel are sweeping a construction site regularly will make many crooks think twice before they start destroying property or taking equipment. The odds of being caught go up dramatically, so the potential gain is no longer worth the greater risk.

3. Controlled access
Security guards can ensure that access points are locked when not in use. After-hours access can be restricted to one or two preselected points, and security guards can check visitors’ identifications while logging them in and out of the site. No unauthorized personnel will be allowed in, since trained guards know not to believe a shady story.

4. Strengthening weaknesses
Security personnel are experts at evaluating sites for potential security problems. They can walk through a construction site and spot areas where vandals may be able to strike. Guards can also review current security procedures to see how they may be tightened while still allowing work to continue smoothly.

A poorly guarded construction site invites vandals and thieves to visit and do their worst. Damages can lead to cost overruns and missed deadlines. Investing in on-site security personnel can prevent these problems. The construction area can remain safe and the job can run more smoothly with security guards protecting the site directly.

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