Surveillance cameras are a deterrent to crime. In 2012, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte did a study involving burglars and what motivated them. 422 participants were involved, all of them incarcerated men and women who had burglarized homes.  Seeing a security system with a camera caused 60 percent of the respondents to look for another target. Criminals typically look for the easiest targets when they are planning on committing their crimes. In most cases, these individuals don’t want to be caught, so they usually look for targets that are easier to break into. This allows them to commit their crimes without as much fear of getting caught.  A survey also discovered that security cameras have the greatest impact on reducing crime in car parks, with residential areas coming in second.

With this in mind, having security cameras is a great way to prevent criminals from committing crimes on your property. Studies show that having a surveillance system results in a 50% reduction in crime.  For best results, you should consider hanging them in a location where they can be seen; Criminals are less likely to target a business with visible security cameras present. Cameras monitor suspicious activities, stop employee theft, vandalism, and shoplifting. When a crime does occur, the first action police officers often take when they arrive at a crime scene is to check for surveillance cameras. Unlike live witnesses, camera footage doesn’t lie. It can’t make mistakes or have difficulty remembering exactly what happened. It presents a thorough and complete account of events. Camera surveillance systems can bring peace of mind allowing you to rest easy.

NPS has found the use of video surveillance to be effective in numerous ways. Vandalism and theft are problems in all urban areas. Whether it’s graffiti, keyed cars, broken or stolen maintenance equipment, damaged windows and doors; the costs can add up. The presence of cameras has been shown to deter would-be criminals and reduce incidents of theft and vandalism. National Protective Services, Inc. offers a state-of -the-art camera surveillance service. Our cameras feature:

  • High Resolution IP fixed cameras for indoor or outdoor use
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom for maximum maneuverability during live viewing
  • 180° Panoramic view cameras for wide range viewing
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Infrared and Twilight Night Vision
  • Motion Activation and Geofencing Alert technology, and other advanced analytics
  • Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS). VSaaS refers to hosted cloud-based video surveillance. The service typically includes video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts, and cyber security. The video processing and management is performed off site using the cloud. A live guard can monitor your cameras remotely in real time and can provide an immediate response to any potential threats.

Should a serious or criminal incident occur onsite, all footage at NPS is retained for 30 days in a secure, managed archive. NPS offers complimentary footage research for all incidents occurring on site. National Protective Services, Inc. offers around the clock on site and remote monitoring services depending on your needs. Video footage can be used in trials and NPS additionally offers complimentary expert testimony and footage authentication services should any court cases arise. The presence of video surveillance sends a message that someone is watching over and protecting your property.  We are a women-owned and family operated business in operation since 1979. With over 40 years of experience on our side, we have the knowledge to provide you with an effective, customized security solution that is right for you. NPS offers unparalleled customer care. Honesty, integrity, and service is at the heart of everything we do here at NPS. It is our goal to provide you with peace of mind so you can rest easy. At National Protective Services, Inc., we don’t just secure your property, we protect you like family.

We would love to conduct a short, no obligation, consultation at your property to access your needs. Let us show you how we can increase your security coverage while decreasing your costs.

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