When it comes to implementing a robust security program for your business, video surveillance technology is a must.  Here are some of the ways video surveillance can benefit your business operations:

1. Crime deterrence 

There are a wide range of studies examining the efficacy of video surveillance technology as a deterrent to crime.While it is always advisable to pair surveillance cameras with active security measures, like surveillance monitoring or security guards, studies show having a video surveillance system can lower your risk of crime victimization by 20-25%

2. Monitor employee activity 

Today’s surveillance camera systems have a wide array of features and advanced analytics that allow you to customize how you use your surveillance system.Features such as facial recognition, license plate reading, and human body detection make monitoring activity far easier than it was in years past.In addition, most systems are now internet-based and utilize apps which can be deployed on any laptop, tablet or smartphone, giving you access to your camera’s live feeds anytime, anywhere.This level of accessibility allows you to see what’s happening at your business, even when you’re not there, giving you greater control over employee behavior and productivity.

3. Reduce Insurance Costs 

Surveillance cameras, particularly when monitored or paired with active security measures, reduce liability in a number of ways.From deterring crime, to protecting against fraud and preventing unsafe workplace behavior, a surveillance system reduces your risk, which is why many insurance companies now give sizeable discounts to customers employing effective security surveillance in their businesses.

4. Create a safer workplace 

Less crime, fewer accidents and greater control over staff and customer experiences mean your business will be safer, happier and more productive overall. Having an effective surveillance system sends the message that you’re serious about protecting your customers and employees, allowing them to work and shop without fear.This promotes an overall feeling of positivity, greater productivity and a greater comfort level overall when doing business at your establishment.


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