We know how crucial security personnel is to preventing break-ins, vandalism, and loss of assets in businesses. What may not be as obvious or well-advertised is how security officers can help businesses prevent fires and fire damage. This role may be as important as their other roles.

How Can Security Officers Assist In Fire Prevention?

Security officers are the first line of defense when it comes to fires is having a reliable, effective fire prevention protocol in place.

Some things that security officers do to prevent fires include:

1. Keeping Corridors Clear: Any corridors that are to be used for emergency exit purposes will be kept clear and unobstructed. It is also important to make sure no combustible materials are being stored there so that fire won’t spread to these exits.

2. Ensuring Safe Storage Of Flammable Materials: A security officer will do their best to make sure that any flammable or combustible materials are stored properly. They will also make sure they are kept away from any possible sources of ignition.

3. Maintaining Accessibility OF Exit Doors: It’s important to always keep the exits unblocked on both sides and easily accessible in cases of emergency.

4. Checking Status Of Fire Extinguishers: A security officer should take note of the status of fire extinguishers in the business. If any appear inoperable, they must be reported to the building or business owner so they can be repaired or replaced.

5. Checking Status Of Fire Alarms: In the same vein, security officers are also advised to check that fire alarms are in working order so that they will be ready if or when they are needed in the event of a fire emergency.

What If A Fire Emergency Occurs?

Prevention does a lot toward avoiding emergencies, but even that’s not always foolproof. So, what role do security officers play when fires have begun in the building?

Some things an officer may need to do when a fire happens include:
1. Triggering the fire alarm if it is not already sounding.
2. Calling the fire department to report or confirm the fire.
3. If the officer works in a business that has numerous customers, the may need to initiate evacuation of the premises. The officer ma also need to assist with crowd control after the evacuation.
4. Directing emergency services to the fire if it’s not obvious from outside.

It’s of the utmost importance that our businesses, customers, and property are protected. A well-trained, professional security officer will help to make sure that happens.

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